"I am very impressed and inspired by Anil about his strong mindset for handy user interaction and user interface behaviors. He is good at communicating and brainstorming ideas, can prototype any requirement fast. He is a firm believer in invaluable outcomes and passionate makers, which results in sellable solutions and improvements for customers."

- Ronny Springer, Frontend Developer, Canto

"Anil has always impressed me with his initiative and drive to get things done. He constantly looks to develop himself and others around him. His technical knowledge is well balanced with his willingness to deliver the right solution. He is proactive and quick to respond to requests."

- Helen sell, Customer Experience Consultant, Customer at Heart

"Anil is driven by great passion: whatever he is doing will be done with love and perfectionism. He is an excellent technician, always eager to learn about new trends. He is continuously looking forward to working with new technologies and adapts new frameworks and programming languages quickly. Furthermore, he enjoys and is doing a perfect job organizing events while taking such good care of his community. "

- Timmo Koehler, Managing Partner, BITGRIP

"Working with Anil was always super productive, and it was so nice to participate in the conversation with him on new technologies. You can very much rely on him and his wide range of expertise. It was a pleasure to work with Anil."

- Matthias Hempel , IT Consultant, BITGRIP

"Working with Anil is a fantastic experience as he can clearly articulate the technical feasibility of a UX design, its strengths and fallacies, alternate design options, and even human cost involved. I doubt if there exists any Ux design that he cannot pump life into with the skills that he has in his quiver. Always wanting to be on the cutting edge of technology, Anil brings in a lot of value to the team and the product. Working with him was a humongous learning experience for me."

- Girish Bangalore, Software Architect, SAP

" Anil strives to compete against himself and is very smart in getting things done. One of the best Team player I have seen in my profession. Way to go, Anil!!!"

- Satish Kumar Perumal, UX Designer, SAP

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